Update on my situation

I´m really sorry for not updating my blog in so long.

All I ever do these days is homework and sleep, I haven´t drawn a single thing since school started in August. Social interaction and stress make me extremly tired and sick :(

I´ll be in Belgium next week and holidays start afterwards. I hope to be able to draw something then.



If you have any questions just ask or shoot me a mail! :)

I take full payment upfrontif your order is over 60$ you can pay half upfront and half after I send the sketches.

Contact me through: irina.stempel@rocketmail.com

I decided not to close commissions on August 1st as I originally planned, but keep them open for now. They might take a bit longer to finish depending on how much work I´ll get from school though. 

!! I lowered the prices btw, but this is as cheap as they are gonna get !!